Rosye Cloud is a proven mission focused leader.  Ms. Cloud advises on matters relating to the social health and economic mobility of Americans, First generation students, in addition to a special emphasis on members of the U.S. military and Veterans. An entrepreneur and advocate for social and civic engagement, she brings a strong record of innovative solutions and proven performance in leading globally disperse, complex, mission focused campaigns.  Her passion is increasing economic mobility of all Americans and promoting an efficient and effective federal government.  

"We need stronger collaboration and data-sharing across government. Few issues are contained within the purview of one agency or organization.  Federal workforce culture needs to embrace the interrelatedness that is inherent in solving modern day problems.   The nation cannot afford to invest precious resources to sustain silos or obsolete thinking.  We must create value and lead with both courage and tenacity if we are to transform the government corps.  It's irresponsible to resist agile and responsive delivery of services to the nation. " 

 -Rosye Cloud, Wall Street, New York, NY (2017)


A strong proponent for greater transparency and open data, she led the development of the first Veterans Economic Opportunity Assessment for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Through a series targeted innovation projects, she established various frameworks that support the use of public/private partnership opportunities to increase economic mobility of Veterans. Through strong teamwork, the VA generated (no-cost-to-taxpayer) economic opportunity agreements valued at over $1 billion in services to Veterans and their families.  Ms. Cloud helped scale out the first federal hiring commitment marketplace, in partnership with communities and Federal agencies, which generated over one million commitments, convened the first national Veteran policy academy, and piloted a “pay for success” Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) focus on technology and leads the current Vet Tech initaitive (2017).    Prior to her appointment to VA, Ms. Cloud supported both the White House National Security and Domestic Policy Councils.  While working at the White House she served as the Director of Policy for Veterans, Wounded, and Military Families and as the Administration’s inter-agency goal champion for Veteran Career Readiness. During her assignment several Executive Orders  improving the economic mobility, mental health, and substance abuse treatment services for Veterans were implemented.  She helped implement consumer protection measures for student Veterans and military who often find themselves transitioning from the military without formal credentials or college degrees.  She has led education and awareness campaigns to help advise young Veterans of the valuable federal benefits they have earned through their service.  Finally, Ms. Cloud has supported performance improvement efforts to reduce backlogs, adopt electronic health records, reduce military sexual trauma, improve access to GI Bill benefits, and has a strong interest in supporting the families of our fallen.