Rosye Cloud is the Executive Vice President of the College Promise Campaign movement. A Civic Nation campaign that  encourages visionary leaders throughout our nation to use their ingenuity and persistence to put the College Promise in place, enabling students to complete their college degrees or certificates in order to achieve lifelong economic mobility and prosperity.  Rosye has dedicated her career to matters impacting public policy, defense, domestic policy, education, government performance, open data, disruptive innovation, and economic opportunity.  Her deep conviction of service has led to her innovative design of strategies that improve the social and economic prosperity of all Americans. 

Rosye has served in multiple senior positions including the White House, Office of Management and Budget, Veterans Affairs, Dept of Defense, and NATO. As the Senior Leader for Veteran Employment and Economic Opportunities at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs she implemented multiple national initiatives that bolstered the employment and educational success of millions of US Veterans. Prior to joining the Department, Ms. Cloud served as the White House Director of Policy for Veterans, Wounded, and Military Families.  In this role she supported senior White House officials in both the National Security and Domestic Policy Councils.  Prior to her assignment to the White House, Ms. Cloud was assigned to the Office of Management and Budget as a Dept of Defense Senior Fellow, serving as Executive Director of the Performance Improvement Council. In this role she focused on cabinet level cross agency priority goals, strategic plans, collective intelligence innovations in order to improve federal performance management. 

 As a longstanding career public servant within the Department of Defense, she gained significant experience overseeing the delivery of direct services, benefits delivery, and state/local policy making in both domestic and International environments.  She provided support to both American and Allied forces that were forward deployed to EUCOM and NATO. Ms. Cloud was recognized by  NATO and the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) operations for her change management and performance improvement efforts on behalf of the US military community. 

Policy Expertise:

Educational attainment, post secondary persistence and attainment, accelerated learning pathways, collective impact, community engagement, pay-for-success models, career and employment mobility, mental and social health of the military, financial literacy, enterprise performance management, business transformation, and global partnerships.